Queen of the Summer Stars

“In Queen of the Summer Stars Woolley employs the same sensitive revelation of character and attention to cultural detail that made Child of the Northern Spring such an enchantment.” – San Francisco Chronicle

“Richly textured, evoking the sights and sounds of  castle and countryside, the quality of knight and servant. Highly recommended.” –  Library Journal

Here, in the second book of The Guinevere Trilogy, Gwen grows into her role of queen and wife to Arthur. What began as a dream in The Magician’s mind grows into a lively and robust court with the classic characters vying to be part of King Arthur’s Round Table. Gawain and his brothers storm on-stage, bold and brutal and courageous. Cei and Bedivere keep the court running smoothly while Morgan, Morgause, Merlin, Nimue, and Igraine take on more definition in Gwen’s life. Tristan and Isolde arrive from Cornwall, seeking refuge from King Mark.  And, of course, Lancelot of Brittany sweeps onto the scene, capturing most everyone’s heart.

As friend to all, Gwen rejoices when the Companions ride out to achieve their dreams; offers solace when their hearts are battered and listens softly to secret fears or unspoken loves. Nor is she without her own trials, surviving kidnap and rape, the sorrow of barrenness and her growing conflict between loyalty to Arthur and the love she and Lancelot are gradually drawn into.

Everywhere runs the bright thread of promise, of high-spirits and great plans that culminate in the building of — what else but Arthur’s fabled capitol– Camelot!  Let the feasting begin!

“Vividly re-creates  sixth-century Britain in the throes of change…” – Publisher’s  Weekly

Woolley brings a brace of secondary characters into this much-told tale, some archaeology and a firm sense of the geography of ancient England.” – Kirkus

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