The Legend in Autumn

“A totally satisfying conclusion to an inspired trilogy.” – Booklist

“Figures of legend, limned with clearly defined personalities, work out their destinies…vivid, colorful…” Publisher’s Weekly

In the final book of The Guinevere Trilogy, Arthur and Gwen have guided the Fellowship of the Round Table from a rag-tag gathering of warriors to the center of a thoroughly civilized Court that keeps the threat of invading barbarians at bay.

Fairs and festivals, trading pacts and safety in travel all bespeak the hey-day of Camelot, where Gwen can share the love of the two greatest men in her world, Arthur and Lancelot. But as the original knights have mellowed and matured, their offspring have been growing up, all anxious to carve out their own stories of bravery and honor, vengeance and retribution. It isn’t long before they come pouring over the threshold–most notably Galahad, the son of Lancelot; Percival, a son of Pellinore, and Arthur’s own son, Mordred–bringing new ideas and different dreams.

Gwen and the rest of the cast confront their fates and, like human beings everywhere, try to do the best they can under the circumstances they find themselves in. Given the range of characters and the scope of their dreams or disillusionments, it’s a very heady mixture indeed.  No one is spared, be it Arthur and Mordred, Lancelot and Gawain, or Guinevere herself. Yet one comes away exhilarated–hopeful and inspired by these iconic characters who have delighted and touched us so deeply over the last 1400 years.

“A canny retelling of mythic events in the context of ordinary human nature and historical possibility…Woolley’s characters pulse with vivid, audacious, comprehensible life.”  – San Francisco Chronicle

 “First rate, full-bodied…an abundance of rich detail…brings life to the legend.” – Nashville Banner

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