The Guinevere Trilogy

There are few legends better loved or more often told than those which make up the tales of King Arthur, the Knights of the Round Table, his best friend Lancelot and his fabled queen, Guinevere.

What began as the tales of a Dark Age warlord developed into one of the great story cycles of Western civilization, full of archetypical themes and personalities.  Over the centuries it’s taken on the form of folk history, morality story,  grand romance, swashbuckling adventure and high fantasy.

In recent years there’s been a growing interest in looking behind myths in order to tell them in terms of the human–rather than fantasy–perspective.  This has led to historical fiction in which the culture and climate of the times, as well as the psychology of the different characters, are what give the stories their power.  Persia’s  Guinevere Trilogy is one such work, told by Guinevere herself. How well she succeeded can be judged by the reader responses below.

An enthralling read with fascinating three-dimensional portrayals of Arthurian legendary characters…” – Laura’s Reviews

I found myself lost in the story; lost in time. I found that I really enjoyed getting to know this Guinevere.” – Broken Teepee

…fans of Arthurian legends will appreciate and love this re-telling.” – Debbie’s Book Bag

“Every little detail was so spot on…you feel as if you are a part of it.”  – Books Like Breathing

“Seeing developments through the eyes of Guinevere…gave the story an entirely different feel, rhythm, and emphasis.” – Apprentice Writer

“The world of Arthur and Guinevere was masterfully created.”  – The Maiden’s Court

“Wonderful historical tale…entertaining as well as educational…” – The Book Faery

“The writing was sophisticated…and there was enough action and romance to keep readers engaged.” – Palmer’s Pick for Reading

5 responses to “The Guinevere Trilogy

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