Persia has been a journalist since 1970 and began writing her first book in 1971. Her three non-fiction works include Creative Survival for Single Mothers, The Custody Handbook and How to Write and Sell Historical Fiction.

She began work on her Guinevere Trilogy in 1980 and it was completed after 11 years of research and writing. This included four research trips to Britain where she hiked all over the Roman and Celtic ruins from Guinevere’s story, stayed in hostels and carried everything in her backpack.

Persia came to live on her son’s horse ranch near the coast in San Francisco’s  North Bay five years ago, but has recently moved into the town of Sebastopol.


Writer/Producer and Host of The Paisley Teahouse TV show, KEMO (Ch 20) S.F.  1972-1973

Journalist/Columnist 1970-1972

Entertainment World, After Dark Magazine

Freelance  1971-1978   S.F. Chronicle Datebook

Reporter & Columnist  1997-2006 Auburn Sentinel (hometown weekly)

Over the years she has interviewed Norman Mailer, Sir Richard   Attenborough, Dalton Trumbo, Leonard Nimoy and Robert Duval among others.

She has also been a lecturer, workshop leader, keynote speaker and guest on TV programs dealing with child custody following divorce, Arthurian legends, early California history and various aspects of writing.

4 responses to “Bio

  1. Hello Persia. I met you today at Luther Burbank Gardens, when I was looking for my missing wallet. Wanted to invite you again to Steve Bogas class, Friday 1:30 to 4:oo or so. Steve’s phone number is 707. 869.1515. Thanks for your help.
    Ruth Bracken

  2. JoAnn Levy

    For whatever reason, your name popped into my head this afternoon, Persia, and I googled it, with the wondrous discovery of your gorgeous website and the fact that you are alive and well and living in Sebastopol! Actually, I think of you often and fondly, miss you and hope you are happily engaged in literary pursuits. As for me, I’m gardening! All best, JoAnn

  3. Bonnie Hobbs

    I’m reading your book on Historical fiction again. Did you never finish the book in progress, Sierra? I was hoping to read it.

    • Bettie Bullard

      I’ve been wondering if Woolley is your maiden name. If so, have you done genealogical research and what is your line?

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